Thermostatic Module with 4 volume controls

Series: Thermostatic Diverter         
Product Id: CR06.020.GS


Solid brass plates and handles
High flow Vernet thermostat cartridge
Universal inlets for 3/4" and Outlets 1/2" connections (built-in female threads for 1/2" connections 3/4" connections)
Reversible service check valves with filters and improved stop mechanism
Nickel plated solid brass body
Shut-off valve outlets connections to right, left or both sides simultaneously
Removable NPT plug at the bottom for an extra independent diverter
Safety temperature stop, preset at 38˚C / 100˚F




These are great for the user’s comfort since it is nice to be able to reach the desired temperature from the beginning, as well as that temperature remaining unchanged throughout, without constantly regulating it manually and disturbing your mood.


Cartridges in these diverters are designed to reach the desired temperature quickly and constantly. In this way, unnecessary water waste is avoided by reducing the reaction time and possible changes in temperature during the shower


TBathroom safety is of the utmost importance to us.Therefore, these diverters include a CHILD LOCK, which blocks water at a temperature bearable to the human body to guarantee safety, especially for children. This system also cuts off the supply of hot water in case of an interruption to the cold water supply, therefore avoiding the risk of getting burned.


Our thermostatic diverters will maintain your pre-selected water temperature, leaving you to relax and enjoy your shower. Should you wish to stop the water (e.g. to shampoo your hair), the thermostat will automatically find the exact same temperature when you re-start the flow.


Install a thermostatic diverter and you can save water and energy too. Thanks to their efficiency and outstanding performance, our thermostatic shower technology aced in several independent tests.


Coin Slot Aerator :
1) Can be removed and fixed with a coin as a tool.
2) Easy for installation and cleaning
Silicon Easy Clean Aerator :
1) No need to remove aerator for cleaning
2) Just rub the lime away with finger and the faucet stream is straight and soft again
3) Very low noise level
Direction Adjustment Aerator :
1) Easy adjustment of Flow Direction
2) Good water flow effect under strict flow condition
3) Easy to clean and install
Honey Comb Aerator :
1) Perfect stream quality even under difficult flow conditions
2) Very low noise level
3) Extended life
4) Anti-impurity filter device embedded

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