GoldIden: An Innovator In The Bath, Kitchen & Wellness Industry

A Refined, Classy Lifestyle Taste

Goldiden has been offering high-quality designer bathroom fixtures and wellness products for its innovative and humanized structure design since its inception. As a German Brand, we are dedicated to supplying a diverse customer base with bespoke, multi-functional bathroom solutions. With Over Two Decades Of Workmanship Experience And Technology Development, Goldiden Is Widely Spreading In Continents Like Europe And Asia. Our Brand Has Been Recognized And Trusted By Global Designers, Architects, And Project Planners For Offering Our Products To Top-Class Hotel Chains, And Residential And Commercial Projects.

Inheriting the Spirit of Germany

By proudly inheriting German innovative technology, craftsmanship, engineering and professional excellence, our bathroom solutions offer a worthy and sophisticated lifestyle to customers. We maintain our solid reputation in the market due to our high-quality products and services. Our strength has been the uniqueness of our designs by the leading European designers to bring to you unparalleled products which were assured to complement your alluring homes.

Futuristic Philosophy

The company thinks beyond the traditional bathroom fixtures and leaves nothing to be desired with its innovative and fresh designs. Our future endeavor will always be to create comprehensive and complete bathroom solutions that are in line with our ‘human-oriented’ design philosophy, to give clients a luxurious lifestyle.

State Of The Art Manufacturing Facility

GOLDIDEN is a leading manufacturer of high quality designer bathroom fixtures and wellness products with state-of-the-art R&D, Manufacturing and design facilities in Europe and Asia. With the support of German technology, we offer top quality and trendy faucets, bathroom accessories, sanitaryware and wellness products for the modern homes. Every unit is made by utilizing the latest in German technology from molding, gravity casting, turning bar, stamping, machining, polishing, plating, assembly and water pressure testing. Each product line is craftfully designed for an unparalleled experience that gives the surety of absolute pleasure for years to come. From concept to sketch to the final product in your homes, our strength has been the uniqueness of our products designed by the leading European designers. We make use of advanced techniques and maintain the highest standards in the manufacturing department with stringent quality procedures and testing.

Goldiden Foundry and machining practises manufactures precision mould for mass productions.

Handmade carving and grinding process ensures a smooth, straight line and precise angle without any defects.


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