Faucet From Within

Ceramic Disc Cartidge

GOLD IDEN strength lies in its complete control over the most important aspects of its products. Thus the cartridges used are from the world renowned and top European companies like Kerox® and Sedal®. The strength of these companies has been perfecting and focusing its own ceramic discs and plastic components, formulating its own patented lubricant, and producing much of the related tooling. GOLD IDEN utilizes both pressed and molded varieties of ceramic discs, providing the unique advantages of each technology. GOLD IDEN choose Keme and Sedal® because of its outstanding reputation for long term, trouble-free cartridge performance.


Coin Slot Aerator :

1) Can be removed and fixed with a coin as a tool.
2) Easy for installation and cleaning

Direction Adjustment Aerator

1) Easy adjustment of Flow Direction
2) Good water flow effect under strict flow condition
3) Easy to clean and install

Silicon Easy Clean Aerator

1) No need to remove aerator for cleaning
2)Just rub the lime away with finger and the faucet stream is straightand soft again
03)Very low noise level

Honey Comb Aerator :

1) perfect stream quality even under difficult flow conditions
2) low noise leve
3)extended life
4) Anti-impurity filter device embeddedl

Thermostatic Diverter Technology

Thermostatic Cartridge:

A thermostatic mixer constantly mixes hot and cold water to a pre-selected temperature. Even if there is a change in the water supply, the thermostat reacts by rebalancing the quantities of hot and cold water to maintain the correct temperature.In the event of cold water supply failing the thermostat automatically shuts off the water supply within a fraction of a second to prevent scalding.

The key feature is the copper-wax element - a truly ingenious function that converts temperature change
into a highly accurate mechanical movement that will ensure over 100,000 cycles in everyday use

Vernet comes from one of the world's leading producers of valve cartridges based in France. They've developed the CA43 cartridge to give you the best temperature regulation and safety in accordance with British standard NHS D08. Standard temperature ranges are preset to 15-60°C. For Thermal Conductivity, the plastic cartridge bodies offer thermal isolation against heat from water by transferring it to the wax element, creating a more precise operation. A high technology thermoplastic polymer is used to minimise limescale adherence.

Health and Safety
Vernet cartridges are designed and produced to provide users of all ages with the peace of mind that water flow and temperature are consistently provided. Each valve is marked to demonstrate compliance. The anti-scald function is individually checked on each cartridge prior to leaving the factory.

Valve Technology

The basis for all high quality shower valves is the performance of the turning parts even after it has been used thousands
of times. All Goldiden thermostatic shower valves use Flühs ceramic disc technology from Germany - the leading
innovator, producer and supplier in the world of water supply products. Each valve is marked with a Flühs symbol as a sign of quality and compliance