Cold Start

Always turn on the tap in mid lever position, this only supplies cold water and not a mixture of hot & cold. This reduces hot water wastage and helps us Save precious resources and enjoy 100% water comfort.

Easy to Use

All faucets are easy to use,have Smart functions and well-thought-out design to ease your everyday life.

Soft Closing

This feature ensures that your bathroom accessories have a long life. The soft closing feature delays the closure of the tap ensuring that it prevents pressure shocks & impact in the pipes, increasing the life of the tap and the pipes.

Safe Temperature

Steady temperature Keeps water temperature within ± 1° C.

Shining Plating Technology

Unless the polishing is perfect the faucets will not get the desired shine. Deep and Uniform chrome plating technique ensures sleek texture and a mirror effect. It greatly enhances durability of the product.

Smooth technology

Perfectly Balanced proportion on the outside and technically advanced on the inside. The supreme quality cartridge is made out of advanced ceramic alloy in enclosed environment. The special lubricating coating protection keeps the faucets new even after several uses.

Eco Water Saving Technology

The faucets help in significantly reducing your water consumption while still benefiting from an enjoyable and revitalizing experience.

Thermostatic Technology

The preset temperature is achieved immediately with the thermostatic technology. The advanced check valve applied on the faucet design prevents mixing hot & cold water that provides a safety and comfort.