Design & Innovation

Decades of heritage, yet stays true to its value – Gold Iden continues to build products with exclusive quality, comfort & elegance.

Gold Iden believes in the perfect harmony between technology and aesthetics. Design created something out of the ordinary adds a major input into shaping the brand image in the public eye. It provides a quality product that suffices the user and is backed up with an excellent design.

Gold Iden thinks beyond traditional bathroom fixtures and leaves nothing to be desired with its innovative and fresh designs. It defines modern luxury that results in making the usage of product a delightful experience.

Gold Iden is inclined towards providing sophisticated technology with state of the art design. Every Gold Iden faucet adopts stylish principles of purity, aesthetics and sharpness. It is a benchmark of the European faucet industry and has always provided designer faucets for the global market.

Some call it obsessiveness, but we believe that our designers' compulsive dedication is the bond uniting art and engineering.

Every contour, shadow and edge is meticulously crafted to exude style.