GOLD IDEN is a leading manufacturer of High quality designer bathroom fixtures and wellness products with state of the art R&D, Manufacturing and design facilities in Europe and Asia. GOLD IDEN thinks beyond the traditional bathroom fixtures and leaves nothing to be desired with its innovative and fresh designs. With the support of our German manufacturing unit we offer top quality and trendy faucets and bathroom accessories for the modern bathroom and kitchen. Every unit is made utilizing the latest in German technology from molding, gravity casting, turning bar, stamping, machining, polishing, plating, assembly and water and pressure testing. Our logo is a culmination from a philosophy that imbibes the luxury of gold and the richness of the Celtic Iden. Each product line is craft-fully designed for an unparalleled experience and the surety of absolute pleasure, for years. From concept to sketch to the product in your homes for years our strength has been the uniqueness of our designs which have been designed by the leading European designers to bring to you unparalleled products which is assured to complement your alluring homes Using advanced techniques and maintaining highest of standards in the manufacturing department and stringent quality procedures and testings. we offer our clients a ten year warranty on our product line.

Design & Innovation

Decades of heritage, yet stays true to its value – Gold Iden continues to build products with exclusive quality, comfort & elegance.

Gold Iden believes in the perfect harmony between technology and aesthetics. Design created something out of the ordinary adds a major input into shaping the brand image in the public eye. It provides a quality product that suffices the user and is backed up with an excellent design.

Gold Iden thinks beyond traditional bathroom fixtures and leaves nothing to be desired with its innovative and fresh designs. It defines modern luxury that results in making the usage of product a delightful experience.

Gold Iden is inclined towards providing sophisticated technology with state of the art design. Every Gold Iden faucet adopts stylish principles of purity, aesthetics and sharpness. It is a benchmark of the European faucet industry and has always provided designer faucets for the global market.

Some call it obsessiveness, but we believe that our designers' compulsive dedication is the bond uniting art and engineering.

Every contour, shadow and edge is meticulously crafted to exude style.

Quality & Certification

Quality Assurance System

A key to the success of GOLD IDEN is its commitment to Quality, RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT. Rigorous quality control during the production process require that each mixer is subject to as many as 30 tests & control before being packaged on the assembly line. The Quality Assurance System is basically designed and operated in accordance with the relevant European Standard and also in accordance with the TUV DIN ISO 9001 specification for design, manufacture and installation but the significant additional features which in many respects considerably exceeds the minimum requirement laid down

Our Philosophy on Quality System Requirements are implemented as follow:
  • Management responsibility
  • Training
  • Design control
  • Document control
  • Purchasing control and audit
  • Quality system
  • Quality record
  • Product identification and traceability
  • Process control
  • Inspection, testing and measuring equipment control
  • Control of nonconforming product
  • Corrective action
  • Internal quality audits
  • Handling, assembling, packaging and storage
  • Servicing


Our European specification products are comply to the following standards:

En200 - General technical specification for single taps & mixer taps.

En246 - General specification for flow rate regulator.

En817 - General technical specification for single control mixing valve and other separate mixing valves.ng, packaging and storage Servicing
En248 - Genral technical specification for Electrodeposited nickel chrome coatings

En1982 - Copper and copper alloys - Ingots and castings. Our North America specification products are comply to the following standards:


ASME A112.18.1/ CSA B125.1-2005

Warranty & Service

If you buy a new GOLD IDEN product, you'll want performance to come as guaranteed. For this reason, GOLD IDEN offers a warranty for 10 years** on its product range. GOLD IDEN Faucets used in normal residential and non residential commercial settings are warranted to be free of defects in the material and workmanship for the period of 10 years** commencing from date of sale

GOLD IDEN offers a 10 year warranty** on its products along with the best in its class service. At Gold Iden we value our commitment towards our clients and offer

  • FREE installation guidance.
  • FREE service during the 10 year warranty** period.
  • Assured availability of spare parts.
  • Assured service within 48 working hours anywhere in India**.

Toll free no 18002330212 or email us at care@goldiden.in to connect with one of our GOLD IDEN experts. We have a team of adequately trained professionals and well equipped Service Experts throughout India


Cold Start

Always turn on the tap in mid lever position, this only supplies cold water and not a mixture of hot & cold. This reduces hot water wastage and helps us Save precious resources and enjoy 100% water comfort.

Easy to Use

All faucets are easy to use,have Smart functions and well-thought-out design to ease your everyday life.

Soft Closing

This feature ensures that your bathroom accessories have a long life. The soft closing feature delays the closure of the tap ensuring that it prevents pressure shocks & impact in the pipes, increasing the life of the tap and the pipes.

Safe Temperature

Steady temperature Keeps water temperature within ± 1° C.

Shining Plating Technology

Unless the polishing is perfect the faucets will not get the desired shine. Deep and Uniform chrome plating technique ensures sleek texture and a mirror effect. It greatly enhances durability of the product.

Smooth technology

Perfectly Balanced proportion on the outside and technically advanced on the inside. The supreme quality cartridge is made out of advanced ceramic alloy in enclosed environment. The special lubricating coating protection keeps the faucets new even after several uses.

Eco Water Saving Technology

The faucets help in significantly reducing your water consumption while still benefiting from an enjoyable and revitalizing experience.

Thermostatic Technology

The preset temperature is achieved immediately with the thermostatic technology. The advanced check valve applied on the faucet design prevents mixing hot & cold water that provides a safety and comfort.

Faucet From Within

Ceramic Disc Cartidge

GOLD IDEN strength lies in its complete control over the most important aspects of its products. Thus the cartridges used are from the world renowned and top European companies like Kerox® and Sedal®. The strength of these companies has been perfecting and focusing its own ceramic discs and plastic components, formulating its own patented lubricant, and producing much of the related tooling. GOLD IDEN utilizes both pressed and molded varieties of ceramic discs, providing the unique advantages of each technology. GOLD IDEN choose Keme and Sedal® because of its outstanding reputation for long term, trouble-free cartridge performance.


Coin Slot Aerator :

1) Can be removed and fixed with a coin as a tool.
2) Easy for installation and cleaning

Direction Adjustment Aerator

1) Easy adjustment of Flow Direction
2) Good water flow effect under strict flow condition
3) Easy to clean and install

Silicon Easy Clean Aerator

1) No need to remove aerator for cleaning
2)Just rub the lime away with finger and the faucet stream is straightand soft again
03)Very low noise level

Honey Comb Aerator :

1) perfect stream quality even under difficult flow conditions
2) low noise leve
3)extended life
4) Anti-impurity filter device embeddedl

Thermostatic Diverter Technology

Thermostatic Cartridge:

A thermostatic mixer constantly mixes hot and cold water to a pre-selected temperature. Even if there is a change in the water supply, the thermostat reacts by rebalancing the quantities of hot and cold water to maintain the correct temperature.In the event of cold water supply failing the thermostat automatically shuts off the water supply within a fraction of a second to prevent scalding.

The key feature is the copper-wax element - a truly ingenious function that converts temperature change
into a highly accurate mechanical movement that will ensure over 100,000 cycles in everyday use

Vernet comes from one of the world's leading producers of valve cartridges based in France. They've developed the CA43 cartridge to give you the best temperature regulation and safety in accordance with British standard NHS D08. Standard temperature ranges are preset to 15-60°C. For Thermal Conductivity, the plastic cartridge bodies offer thermal isolation against heat from water by transferring it to the wax element, creating a more precise operation. A high technology thermoplastic polymer is used to minimise limescale adherence.

Health and Safety
Vernet cartridges are designed and produced to provide users of all ages with the peace of mind that water flow and temperature are consistently provided. Each valve is marked to demonstrate compliance. The anti-scald function is individually checked on each cartridge prior to leaving the factory.

Valve Technology

The basis for all high quality shower valves is the performance of the turning parts even after it has been used thousands
of times. All Goldiden thermostatic shower valves use Flühs ceramic disc technology from Germany - the leading
innovator, producer and supplier in the world of water supply products. Each valve is marked with a Flühs symbol as a sign of quality and compliance


At Gold Iden, our commitment towards sustainability is easy to see with our fine products. At our manufacturing processes we place a strong focus on green solutions. While we strive for sound, environmentally-friendly practices, we do so without sacrificing the quality, performance and affordability of our products. Our bathroom faucets have low-flow aerators that save water . This flow reduction not only saves water, but is achieved without compromising product performance. We value water and by tradition our focus has always been to be specialist in developing more and more products that save water and energy.

A steering committee made up of company executives and heads of department sees to it that the company objectives are accomplished and those are measurable

In every way, Gold Iden exemplifies the new industry standard of bringing "green" into homes. This begins with the more ecological manufacturing processes used to create our performance-driven plumbing products and continues with the efficiencies and streamlined function.

Some of the important conservation steps that Gold Iden takes with our manufacturing processes include:

  • Instead of coal, we use only natural gas for our fuel needs
  • All water used within our testing labs and inspection areas is recycled and a drainagesystem has been created to treat waste water before it is discharged
  • We use energy-saving equipment and natural light, which reduce the use of electricity.
  • Our product molds are not sent to landfills; instead they are recycled to become a cement component. Thus Gold Iden is not only committed to environmental protection within the factory limits but also outside the factory gates.